DM PLUS Platform



Welcome to DM Plus!

These terms and conditions (The “Terms and Conditions”) govern relationships between you and us, Detion Inc. Please read these carefully as they define your rights and obligations to DM Plus when using our platform.


  1. Definition

“Service Provider”, acting as a processor, is DETION INC providing DM PLUS platform.

“Client”, acting as a Controller, is a party that requests DM PLUS platform.

“DM Plus” means online identity and document verification platform services.



  1. DM Plus service


2.1 Orders for DM Plus service must be placed using Sales Orders. Provider shall prepare a sales order for:

A description of the type, details of the product being purchased, applicable fees and charges

Methods and other terms incidental to the applicable sales order.

2.2 A sales order is valid and binding only if signed by both parties.

2.3 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the contracting partie, these Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of renewal or any amendments thereto, the term will be renewed for an additional term (of the term of the Agreement).

2.4 In the event of Client’s breach of the terms of the Agreement during the period, renewal is subject to Provider’s express written consent and confirmation.

2.5 Except to the extent expressly permitted in this Agreement, the following prohibitions apply to the limited license granted by Provider to Client in this Agreement.

(a) Client may not sublicense access to or use of the DM Plus service;

(b) Client shall not permit unauthorized persons to access or use the DM Plus service.

(c) Client may not republish or redistribute any content or materials on the DM Plus service. and

(d) Client may not change or attempt to change the Platform.

2.6 The Client acknowledges that the Provider is not responsible for any data passed on or transmitted to the DM Plus service. Client shall use the DM Plus service only for authorized legal purposes consistent with all applicable laws, regulations and acceptable use policies, which Provider may from time to time make part of these Terms of Use.

2.7 Client must not use the DM Plus service in any way that could damage or cause any harm to the DM Plus service or the Platform. Client shall not use the DM Plus service in any illegal, unlawful, fraudulent or harmful manner or in connection with any illegal, unlawful, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.

2.8 All rights not expressly licensed to Client herein are reserved by Provider, including but not limited to, all title and title in and to provider’s technology and services. Client acknowledges and agrees that client’s rights in Provider’s intellectual property rights, including technology and services, are limited to the license rights set forth herein. Client does not claim any title or title to Provider’s technology or services. All intellectual property rights in any customization designed, developed or implemented pursuant to the agreement between the parties shall at all times remain the exclusive property of the Provider. Client may not change or modify Provider’s intellectual property rights.

2.9 Client shall not under any circumstances white label, resell or transfer the DM Plus service without the express written consent of the Provider, which may be subject to appropriate discussion and negotiation.

  1. integration with Third Party Services


3.1 Client agrees to integrate DM Plus service with third party services to provide a full DM Plus service.

3.2 Provider may remove, suspend or limit third party service integration at any time in its sole discretion.

3.3 Client acknowledges that the integration of Third Party Services may involve the transfer of Client Data from the DM Plus service to the relevant Third Party Services.

  1. Payments


4.1 The Charges will be invoiced as set forth in the applicable Sales order according to the agreed charging method which the client shall payto the provider within a perod of seven (7). Days following the issue of an invoice by the provider.

4.2 If the client fails to pay the amount to the provider as per the Clause 4.1, the provider may suspend the service until the client has paid the charges or a resolution inwriting has been reached between the parties.

4.3 In the case of prepayment, any unused credit will expire on the last day of the period. Unused credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  1. Data Protection


5.1 Each party shall comply with data protection laws with respect to the processing of personal data.

5.2 Provider may process Client Data where required by applicable law and to the extent necessary for Provider. In such cases, the provider must inform the Client of its legal requirements prior to processing, unless law prohibits such information on a basis of material importance in the public interest.

5.3 Provider shall process Client Data only during and for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days after the end of the Term.

5.4 The Provider shall, at the option of the Client, delete or return to the Client some or all of the Client’s Personal Data, and delete any existing copies, except to the extent applicable law requires storage of such Personal Data. Client may also delete such data at any time through its account.


  1. Confidentiality Obligations


6.1 Both parties shall maintain the other’s Confidential Information with the same strict confidentiality that the other uses to protect their Confidential Information of a similar nature.

6.2 Both parties must always act in good faith with respect to the other’s confidential information. Both must not use the other party’s confidential information for purposes other than those disclosed to the receiving party.

6.3 There shall be no obligation under clause 6 with respect to a party’s Confidential Information if the Confidential Information is not bound by Confidentiality, is an open source generally known to the public, or is obtained solely by a Party;

  1. Force Majeure Event


7.1 If a force majeure event causes either party to fail or delay in performing its obligations under the contract (except for payment obligations), those obligations will be suspended for the duration of the force majeure event.

7.2 A party becoming aware of an event of force majeure shall promptly notify the other party and inform the other party of how long such failure or delay is expected to continue.

7.3 A party whose performance of its obligations under the contract is affected by a force majeure event shall take reasonable steps to mitigate the impact of the force majeure event.


  1. Term and Termination


8.1 Subject to the other provisions herein, the Agreement shall become fully effective on the Effective Date for the Term and will automatically renew for the Term covered therein, unless terminated in accordance with the provisions herein.

8.2 The Agreement will remain terminated if either party gives the other 30 days’ written notice of termination. Either party may terminate a Grounded Agreement (“Termination for Cause”) by providing written notice to the other within seven (7) days of the date of breach and giving notice to correct the breach within fourteen (14) days of the date of breach. You can cancel. The Agreement will terminate if the affected party fails to notify the violating party within seven (7) days or if the violating party does not remedy the violation within the specified fourteen (14) day period.


  1. Notices

9.1 All notices provided by either party under the Agreement must be emailed using the relevant contact information.

9.2 The party receiving notice from the other party via email must immediately acknowledge receipt by email and in any case within two business days.


  1. Law and Jurisdiction


10.1 The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.

10.2 All disputes related to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Seoul, Korea.